How much money does an individual typically need for food?

International students can expect to spend between 600RMB and 800RMB on food per month. This includes eating at the campus hotel for dinner (ranging from 15-20RMB for three courses), as well as going out to eat in Huishui and Guiyang. Typically breakfast at the cafeteria ranges from 3-4.5RMB. Lunch and dinner can range from 4-8RMB. At the cafeteria, individual dishes range from 1-5RMB, with meat dishes around 5RMB and vegetable side dishes at 1-1.5RMB. Some volunteers and students spend as little as 400RMB per month on food. Spending really depends upon personal preference.

What is the weather like at Guizhou?

Guizhou has a subtropical, humid climate, with average annual temperatures ranging from 10-20˚C (50-68˚F). Summer temperatures range from 23-27˚C (73-80˚F) and winter temperatures from 1-10˚C (33-50˚F). The fall (autumn) and winter months can be foggy at times, and the area has enough annual rainfall to maintain the green lushness of the local environment.

How much time is typically required for the visa process?

In the US, visa application time varies according to where your residence is. Typically, Chinese consulates require 4 working days between the submission of your materials and your approval. If a third-party is employed to take your passport and visa materials to a consulate or embassy, then more time is required. Timing for companies typically ranges from two to four weeks. You may also pay to have companies expedite the process if required.

For people from other nations, please check with your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for requirements and time frames. Many require appointments for visits, and this well may require more planning and more time.

Please remember, though, do not apply for a visa until you have confirmed that you should do so.